Wine and Dine Half Marathon Weekend – Part one Holidays

runDisney has many race weekends throughout the year and the Wine and Dine Half Marathon weekend may be one of my favorites. It started out 10 years ago as a night race and as someone who isn’t a morning person I had to try it out. Due to some stomach issues during the race, I had the worst race ever and was afraid to try it again until last year and I’m so glad I did, it was so much fun. They have since changed it to a morning race and added a 5K, 10K and the 10K and Half Marathon challenge.

I’ve now run this race the past two years. In 2018 I did the challenge and last weekend I ran the 5K and Half Marathon.

The race weekend normally takes place the first full weekend of November each year. The timing the past two years was great as it was right at the first of the month so it was a great time to visit Disney World. When visiting Disney World at the end of October and beginning of November you are lucky enough to experience both Halloween and Christmas all in one trip.

Halloween is a great time to visit, each resort holds pumpkin decorating contests for their employees and the guests are able to vote for the winners. And the decorations in the park are just beautiful.

They had the final Halloween party on November 1st and by November 2nd there were Christmas decorations up and by November 3rd it was full on Christmas in the Magic Kingdom, tree and all. Christmas decorations definitely make Disney World even more magical than it already is, I mean look at how beautiful the castle is! I definitely recommend the end of October thru beginning of November as a great time to visit Disney World. Stay tuned next week for my blog on the actual races and the special after party at Epcot.


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