Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! This year is very different than years past, people aren’t able to spend the day with their extended family or to attend mass at church. But it is still Easter and hopefully those that do celebrate are able to still enjoy the day.

Easter is a busy time at Disney normally. With many schools having their spring breaks scheduled around the Easter holiday, the parks get very busy.

While not as big of a celebration as Christmas, Disney does do many things to celebrate the holiday. From Easter parades, pictures with the Easter bunny, special Easter brunches and the chocolate Easter eggs on display.

For 24 years, the Bakery team at the Grand Floridian Hotel have created hand decorated Easter Eggs that are on display in the lobby each year

They spend over 3 weeks each year creating these edible works of art that weigh between 9 and 12 pounds and can stand 16 to 20 feet tall.

They truly are a work of art. I couldn’t imagine destroying these beauties to eat the chocolate.

Even the display area is edible, the eggs sit atop the Easter favorite candy, jelly beans.

They are so beautiful and definitely worth taking the time to check out. The details on each egg are amazing. This bakery team is truly talented.

While the Grand Floridian is know for their display and has had the largest display for years, many of the other Disney hotels have had smaller displays in the past years.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Easter and enjoys all the extra time with their immediate family that they live with.

Enjoy the rest of the eggs from the 2019 display below.

Happy Easter Everyone, Stay Healthy!

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