Travel Photo Memories Before the Digital Age

We may be unable to travel right now, but we can still dream of future traveling and look back on our past travel memories! There are so many benefits to looking back on past travel memories. Seeing pictures from these past trips can transport you back to that time of your life and all the happy moments from that trip. The one thing we all need right now to keep us sane is to remember the happy times in life spend with family and friends.

With the smart phones of today, we are all used to the instant gratification of the digital photo. If we don’t like the photo, no big deal, we just retake it. We can then immediately upload it to apps such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so everyone can see our travel photos in real time while we are on vacation. We can even use filters to enhance our photos.

But this wasn’t the case not too long ago. Let’s take a look back to how we documented our travel memories before the digital age.

Now everyone is taking pictures every day of their life. In the past though, pictures normally were just taken during special moments such as vacations, holidays, weddings, graduations and other family or friend get togethers. It required making sure you had your camera with you, which was a bulky thing to carry around, and also enough film for the amount of pictures that you wanted to take.

We would take each photo in hopes that it would come out good when we got the film developed days or weeks later. We had to be worried about whether the lighting was good, if everyone was looking at the camera, if everyone’s eyes were open and crazy things like, will anyone’s eyes be red from the flash when this is developed.

There was an excitement in getting the photos developed and seeing how they came out, sometimes I miss that moment of looking forward to seeing the photos after a trip. It was always such a big surprise when photos came out great! And there were many laughable moments of photos that didn’t come out so great. Definitely many more candid shots that we can all look back on now and laugh about them as a fun, happy memory.

Many of us would then display these photos in a photo album or keep them in a box. We would either write on the back of the photo or in the album what the photo was of and when it was taken.

These albums are great to look back on and see such old photos. But it ends up being somewhat sad as the photos and pages of the photo albums end up becoming discolored which can take away from the beauty of the memory just a little bit.

These older photos are so sacred, they are our only copy of that memory other than the ones in our mind. There is no copy saved on the cloud always available to us. If we lose these copies, they are gone forever! We must keep these photos safe and remember to look back on them and all the fun memories behind them.

How did you used to keep your travel photos back before the digital age?


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