Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary Gold Statues

Walt Disney World Celebrated its 50th Anniversary on October 1, 2021. As part of the 18-month long celebration, they have placed gold statues of the “Fab 50” Disney characters around all four Walt Disney World theme parks.

It’s a fun challenge to find all of the statues while visiting the parks. If you aren’t heading to the parks or are looking for a cheat sheet, this post will describe where you can find each statue in the four parks. The gold statues in Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and Epcot are mostly all in a central area and easy to spot. In the Magic Kingdom, they are a bit more spread out and I won’t lie there were a couple I had a bit of a difficult time locating.

Another thing to make note of, it’s 50 Disney characters, not 50 gold statues as some of the statues feature more than one character.

Animal Kingdom

We’ll start our search for gold statues at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park. These are fairly easy to find. When you walk into the park head towards the Tree of Life. As you walk in front of the Tree of Life from one side to the other, you will see three sets of statues featuring a total of 7 of the Fab 50 Disney Characters. Keeping with the theme of Animal Kingdom, all of these statues are of Disney characters from movies involving animals.

1-2: Bambi and Thumper

3-4: Nemo and Dory

5-7: Simba, Timon and Pumba


Heading over to Epcot, there are 5 sets of gold statues totaling 9 of the Fab 50 Disney Characters. If you walk around the construction in Future World and arrive at the center walkway leading towards World Showcase Lagoon. You will come to the first gold statue on the left-hand side by the walkway that leads you towards Test Track. Here you will find Epcot’s own Figment!

8: Figment

The remaining statues are located at the end of the center walkway just in front of the World Showcase Lagoon.

9-10: Miguel and Dante

11-12: Olaf and Bruni

13-14: Pua and Heihei

15-16: Rockett Racoon and Baby Groot

Hollywood Studios

At Hollywood Studios, there are 6 sets of gold statues totaling another 9 of the Fab 50 Disney Characters. It just so happens, what I consider the most impressive gold statue is located here at Hollywood Studios. The statues in Hollywood Studios are from popular Disney and Star Wars movies. The statues are all somewhat close to each other in two locations.

Walking into the park towards the Chinese Theater on the right-hand side in the grass in front of the Hollywood Brown Derby are half of the statues. My favorite is the one of Joe Gardner from Soul. I don’t know what it is about this gold statue, but I absolutely love it!

17: Joe Gardner

18-19: Flounder and Sebastian

20-21: Bo Peep and Woody

On the grassy area on the left side of the walkway is where you will find the remaining gold statues in Hollywood Studios. You will need to walk around the trees, as the statues are located around the area on all sides.

22-23: BB-8 and R2-D2

24: Edna Mode

25: Frozone

Magic Kingdom

Being that the Fab 50 Gold Statues are in honor of the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Magic Kingdom, the remaining half of the gold statues are located right here to celebrate the 50th!

These 25 are a bit more spread out thru the park and there are a few that I will admit were quite difficult to locate. I was literally searching in rainstorm (and we all know those Florida rains aren’t light!) for one of them! More on that one later.

The first gold statue is located just inside the park in the center at the head of Main Street USA by the flagpole and the bench with Roy Disney and Minnie Mouse. I found it a bit odd that there was just one statue located here, seems like a great spot to put a few of them.

26-27: Lady and the Tramp

From there head up Main Street towards the castle. In front of the castle around the Walt and Mickey statue is where you will find the classic Disney characters like Mickey Mouse and his main friends that we all know and love:

28: Mickey Mouse

29: Minnie Mouse

30: Goofy

31: Pluto

32: Daisy Duck

33: My personal favorite Disney character, Donald Duck

34-35: Chip and Dale

When facing the castle, if you look in the turret on the right, you will find Gus and Jaq from Cinderella on the wall in the form of a gold plaque. This was one that I had a bit of trouble finding.

36-37: Gus and Jaq

Heading to the right towards Tomorrowland not far from the popcorn stand, you will find the next gold statue.

38-39: Dumbo and Timothy

In Tomorrowland on the infamous purple wall that is between Monsters Inc. and Tomorrowland Terrace, you will find that crazy character, Stitch!

40: Stitch

Walk from Tomorrowland into Fantasyland where you will find 4 gold statues. Located in front of the Tea Cups you will find two Alice and Wonderland themed gold statues.

41: Cheshire Cat

42: Mad Hatter

Continue walking thru Fantasyland. Located in front of the entrance into the newer part of Fantasyland just behind the Carousel, you will find two statues featuring three Fab 50 Disney Characters.

43: Pinocchio

44-45: Lumiere and Cogsworth

From here, walk back thru the castle. Once thru the castle, stay towards the right-hand side, keep your eyes peeled to the trees after you pass the walkway to Liberty Square. Here you will find the hardest to spot gold statue, it’s definitely on the smaller side. I seriously was walking back and forth in a heavy rain trying to find it. Hopefully it’s easier for you to find!

46: Tinkerbell

Along the walkway to Adventureland, you will find the next gold statue featuring two characters.

47-48: Pooh and Piglet

Another somewhat difficult gold statue to spot is the one that is right as you are entering Adventureland. As you enter, make sure to look up at the sign.

49: Abu

And last but definitely not least, on the wall just after Sunshine Tree Terrace in Adventureland, you will find that infamous Florida bird….

50: Orange Bird

And there you have it, all Fab 50 Gold Statue Characters for Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary Celebration. Have you tried to find them yet? If so, have you found them all?

The 50th Anniversary celebration will last 18 months thru March 2023 so you still have some time left to try and find all 50 characters.

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