Run 50 States – Brew City Half Marathon Milwaukee Wisconsin

The Brew City Half Marathon is a very well-run small race in Milwaukee Wisconsin. Normally run in April each year, in 2021 due to covid, it was run in September on the Sunday of Labor Day weekend. When you travel for a lot of races, vacation days at work become limited, so I always loveContinue reading “Run 50 States – Brew City Half Marathon Milwaukee Wisconsin”

Milwaukee : Long Weekend in the Brew City

One of the most underrated cities for a great long weekend visit has got to be Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It has always been on my bucket list of cities to visit in the US and after a recent Labor Day weekend trip there, I’m so happy that I finally made it there. I actually cannot believeContinue reading “Milwaukee : Long Weekend in the Brew City”

Pabst History in Milwaukee

Milwaukee, Wisconsin is currently known as the “Brew City” and once known as the Beer Capital of the World. There are many well known beer brands that called Milwaukee home like Miller, Schlitz, Blatz and Pabst. Pabst Brewing has a long history in Milwaukee and you could easily dedicate a whole day to the historyContinue reading “Pabst History in Milwaukee”