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Speedy Visit to Indianapolis

I recently took a very quick 2-day trip to Indianapolis. Being that Indianapolis is known as the Racing Capital of the World, it probably makes sense that it was such a speedy trip! Before planning my visit, I did not know much about the city of Indianapolis, and I was definitely pleasantly surprised that there…

Moab Utah – Gateway to the Outdoors

Located in the southeastern part of the state of Utah, Moab is the perfect town to stay in to experience all of the nearby outdoor adventures. From national and state parks to hiking and water activities, the Moab area has it all. Arches National Park The biggest draw to the Moab area is definitely Arches…

Yellowstone – More Than Just Geysers and Hot Springs

When people think of Yellowstone National Park, the first thing that comes to mind is the famous geyser, Old Faithful. But while the geysers, hot springs and other hydrothermal features are amazing and a must see there is so much more that Yellowstone has to offer. Yellowstone was established in 1872 as the first national…

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