Top 4 Things To Do In Aruba

After a lucky first few weeks of January with above normal temperatures in Boston (which were still too cold for me), we are now back to normal cold January weather. Thankfully there is no snow on the ground, but the temperature is in the 20s with a lot of wind, so it feels more like the single digits or teens. This of course has me dreaming of the warm, sunny Caribbean.


One of my favorite islands in the Caribbean that I’ve visited so far is Aruba.

This Dutch Island is located in the southern Caribbean just 18 miles north of Venezuela.

While winter is an ideal time to visit if you are living in a colder climate, this island is great to visit all year long. Due to it’s location in the southern part of the Caribbean, the risk of a hurricane in Aruba is much lower than the other islands in the Caribbean. And due to it’s dry arid climate, the island does not get too much rain, so more times than not you are greeted with sunshine while visiting Aruba.

These are my Top 4 Things To Do In Aruba:

  1. Beaches
  2. Snorkeling
  3. Island Tour
  4. Sunset

Beaches: It goes without saying, the main reason most people head to the Caribbean is for the beach. The beaches in Aruba are some of the most beautiful in the world and there are many different beaches for many different kinds of activities.

Some of the more popular beaches include:

  • Palm Beach – This is the busiest and most crowded beach on the island as this is where most of the high rise resorts are located. The beach is beautiful, has lots of activities and is extremely convenient if you are staying in one of the resorts on the beach.
  • Eagle Beach – Rated Third Best Beach in the World by Trip Advisor in 2019, this beach is considered the most beautiful on the island by many. Located south of Palm Beach with many low rise resorts and boutique hotels, it’s a great beach to find lodging nearby.
  • Arashi Beach – A less crowded beach than Palm and Eagle Beaches, this beach is great for snorkeling.
  • Hadicurari Beach – Popular beach for windsurfing and kitesurfing.
  • Baby Beach – While the views from this beach (there is an oil refinery nearby, just what you dream of seeing at a beach, huh?) may not be what leads you here, this beach still has a lot to offer. This lagoon has calm shallow water making it popular for families with young children who aren’t strong swimmers. And if you don’t look in the direction of the oil refinery it is a beautiful beach.
Baby Beach

There are so many activities you can partake in at the beaches in Aruba.

  • Relaxing in the sun
  • Relaxing under a Palapa
  • Swimming
  • Walking along the beach

Snorkeling: Aruba is a great place to go snorkeling and Jolly Pirates is definitely the company for your snorkeling adventure!

The half day snorkeling tours takes you out in a pirate ship to three snorkeling sites where you can see colorful fish and even a WWII shipwreck! After snorkeling you can enjoy the included lunch and open bar as well as take a turn on the rope swing.

Rope swing on Jolly Pirate Snorkeling Tour in Aruba

Island Tour: There is definitely more to Aruba than the beach and being on the water. An Island Tour is a great way to learn and see more of the island. Here are some of the things you can see on an island tour:

California Lighthouse

California Lighthouse – Named after the British steamship S.S. California which sank in the late 19th century this lighthouse is open daily and offers 360 degree views of the island.

Alto Vista Chapel

Alto Vista Chapel – This is the site of the birthplace of Aruba’s Catholic religion. Originally built in 1750, it was reconstructed in 1952. The winding road leading up to the chapel is lined with white crosses marking the stations of the cross.

Casibari Rock Formation: Located in the middle of the island, this rock formation is a great place to explore and check out some prehistoric drawings.

Natural Pool and Natural Bridge: The Natural pool and Natural bridge are two things that can be seen on the tour. Sadly the Natural Bridge collapsed in 2005, but there is a smaller bridge that is still interesting to see.

Guadirikiri Cave: Located in Arikok National Park, this cave has two chambers. The chambers have holes on the top for the sunlight to shine into the cave.

Sunset: There is no more relaxing way to end a day than to watch the sunset. And the sunsets on Aruba are some of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen.

Whether you are watching it from the beach, during dinner, from your hotel room or on a sunset cruise, watching the sunset is a must at the end of every day in Aruba!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my top 4 things to do on the beautiful island of Aruba. They call Aruba “One Happy Island” and I hope you can now see why. I’ll leave you with a video of sunset on the beach. Ahh…to be there now!


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  1. Ah Aruba looks so magical! I’d love to take the island tour to get to see all of the highlights! I’d also like to see the sunset as it look so beautiful. Thanks for the recommendations, Aruba is up there on my bucket list for when we can travel again!

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